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What is the difference between ';identity theft'; and ';using false documents';?

When a citizen of the US is caught with someone else's is ';identify theft'; punishable by law.

When an il-legal a-lien steals someones ID they are only using ';false papers'; or ';flase documents';

Why the double standards?What is the difference between ';identity theft'; and ';using false documents';?
Identity theft is when a person steals another persons

identity i.e. stolen credit cards,or over the internet.A class

4 felony. Useing false or stolen documents is a white paper

case, falseifing or altering paper documents for ones own

gain. This is federal. As far as an illegal alien doing such,

they get a slap on the wrist and get deported.What is the difference between ';identity theft'; and ';using false documents';?
';false documents'; don't necessarily involve using anyone else's identity; they could be a made up identity, or the holder's real identity but showing a false status, eg drivers license, passport.
Let us start with false documents. Using false documents means that a real person is using a fictitious document(s) to misrepresnt himself. example: Having a bogus drivers license (in your name) so you can drive. Or having a false US passport (in your name) so you can pass off as a US citizen.

Identity Theft. You will use the credit card, SSN, drivers license of another person to obtain material gain for yourself and to defraud the real person whose identity you have used.

Example: You find a credit card left on a store counter. You then use it to purchase goods. That is Identity Theft. No double standards here.
It's not a double standard. Recently they have been charged with identity theft also. You have to realize that the SSN's that are ';bought'; by an undocumented person don't always belong to somebody. That's not to say it never does. So, if a person is caught with a ';good'; number, then they WILL be charged with Identity theft.
Sometimes they make up new numbers which may 'surprise surprise!' belong to a living person, or not. Sometimes someone steals one so a name can be matched with the number. The last is most considered ID theft, though I think the one with the 'surprise' should be as well. The first, w/ no person at the other side of the number, is fake documents.

sometimes there is a difference - but only by luck.
when anyone, citizen or not, uses someone elses identity, it is identity theft. when you make up a phony name and number and create a document, thats using false papers or documents. not a double standard.
A false document could be one that doesnt steal another id. Its just false entirely ? Stop the northamericanunion...these illegal mexicans actually think that they hvae conquered america, when our government let them in and gave it to them,,they got all this FALSE PRIDE going on !! Threatening to kill off all the white europeans , instead of calling us what we are ,,,native americans ........follow these links everywhere they will take you and do internet research on all sites that want to stop the nau from the nau site...follow patriot sites, etc......youll find the reasons for the '; lies to the americans'; and why bush called our border patrol agents ,'; vigilantes';
Because they're ';just trying to make a better life for themselves';. Shame on you for not gleefully giving them your identity to do so.

sarcasm ~off~
false documents good just be fake. it doesn't have to be someone else's ID
Identity theft is when another person steals someone else's i.d. such as name, social security numbers, bank records,etc! This HURTS the real person! It messes up their credit rating. It gets them in trouble with the IRS, (for non-payment of taxes on the the money made by the criminal)This is a FELONY!

Using fake also a felony, but at least (HOPEFULLY) no innocent person is hurt by this(other than the taxpayers)!!
identity theft is using someone else's id as your own; false documents is using fake documents i.e. a fake id with your name, but the wrong birth date or address.
when ur using false documents, u dont get cuaght unless ur teachers a wacko and is out to ruin ur life
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  • Is it a false idea that God changes the rules from time to time?

    The popular notion is that under the old rules, animals were sacrificed and then God sent his Son to be sacrificed for the sins of man. (Please keep in mind, this popular gospel mentioned here is not the gospel Christ himself was preaching... his Kingdom gospel is timeless and was the same both before and after he preached it... click on my avatar if you want more context on this original gospel)

    So is the popular idea that God changed the rules 2000 years ago correct...

    or are the rules from God timeless an non-changing?Is it a false idea that God changes the rules from time to time?
    Both Jesus and animal sacrifice have been thought of as propitiation to alleviate suffering. This concept was made up by the ego that wants to perpetuate separation from God instead of amend our connection.

    That people react strongly to changing this relationship of our sinfulness and God and what they believe Jesus had to do to correct it is shown in this recent answer I gave.;…

    Mankind's consciousness does change but that is made on partial knowledge, not full truth.. God is the same as Jesus and ourselves because He made us as he is. The same, yesterday, today and forever.

    Jesus died or gave up his flesh so he could resurrect and show we are not our bodies, we are spirit as God is..Is it a false idea that God changes the rules from time to time?
    It is common for humans to want to impart very human characteristics to their conception of God (i.e. God is mad, sad, angry, vengeful, depressed, hateful of gays, etc.). In order to know if God changes the rules from time to time, we'd have to agree on what those rules are, and, let's face it, there's not a lot of agreement about that. However, it would seem to me that God is not so limited that he is incapable of changing the rules if he wants to. Maybe what we might consider is not whether God can change the rules, but, rather, are we going to respond to those perceived changes with love? Best wishes!
    Almighty God chose long ago to reveal Himself to modern man in phases and stages - thus the Old and New Testaments. This is also why He eventually chose to bring the Gentiles into His fold along with the faithful sons of Abraham and to use a Jew to minister unto them (Paul as you know). It is faith that catches God's holy eye.

    His ultimate plan all along was to bring all mankind (';adam';) back to His side to dwell with Him in Paradise once again (first Eden then heaven)
    The Old Testament God was perfectly suited to the times, since it was an era of blood sacrifice, envy, jealousy, revenge and hatred.

    All that shows is that people conceived of God as being like them.

    Even the Greeks thought of their gods as having all the failings of a human being.
    no it's false, because the Jews needed the blood of someone or something spotless to take away their sins so the goats and animals took the place of Jesus, until He came, then He, the only Spotless One took our place, and got rid of our stains. They have not changed.
    The living god of the Jews who was called El in Abraham's time, the one who savored the sweet smell of the roasting meats did ask Abraham to sacrifice his son, but relented. Remember that it is said that when Jesus was dieing on the cross he spoke the words ';father why have you forsaken me';
    No, God doesn't change His mind. Although we may not understand Him, we can't then just say simply He changes his mind. Our Lord Jesus Christ said he did not come to change but to complete. That's all. If you take an Old Testament story and a New Testament story, you can see the evolution of God's plan but not the contradiction. For example, thou shalt not commit adultery evolves into ';If a man so much as lusts in his heart, he has committed adultery.'; The basic idea is we are now held to a much higher standard now that God Himself took flesh and came down to teach us.
    Lakely if there is a God then you can surely find the answer in his word. Yes the Sacrifices were a shadow of the coming of the Lamb of God as foretold by David, Abraham and Isaiah and John the Baptist and the prophets ..God Bless, Lakely pray for understanding.

    Jesus said

    John 6:51 I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.

    What of these words of Jesus are you not understanding?

    God has never changed but God changes us through the atonement of Jesus Christ.
    My friend, Malachi 3:6 states that ';I am God, I change not.'; Jesus preached mostly from the Old Testament. Take this for example. There are ten commandments in the Old Testament. Jesus says there are two. Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, body, and soul. The second one is to Love your neighbor as yourself. Think about it. If you love your neighbor as yourself, and Love God above all else, then you keep the ten commandments. May God Bless You. If you ever need anything, my e-mail is
    No God did not change the rules. He still needed a spotless sacrifice and so Jesus became that sacrifice so that we can enter into the Holy of Holies. The blood and the water came out of His side, remember? The free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord not the water like your profile states. The blood cleanses us from Sin and the water represents the washing away of our old life into our newly regenerated life.
    God's government is timeless and unchanging. The human condition is not God's handy work, nor are human views sustained by Truth.
    Jesus fulfilled the O.T. and He became the ultimate sacrifice, there was no need for animal sacrifices after Jesus came....

    God is the same yesterday, today and forever.....
    Ya God has gotten a little more lenient than in the past with the rules according to the church.
    Only God decides.
    The bible contradicts it's self so that christians can argue one point or the other.
    He can do as He pleases and He Never Changes in the first place! (Humans change!)
    Which god are you talking about? There are thousands,,,,,all make believe
    God's perspective on sin are timeless and non-changing; the rules concerning the penalties for sin are unchanging. The worldly consequences of sin are unchanging - sin brings death to the flesh.

    God did not change the rules, He changed the way man responds to sin - changed from the shedding of the blood of animals to repentance and renewal of your spirit through Jesus Christ. he did not ';make up'; new rules, but followed through on what He said He would do - through the seed of Abraham, all the world is blessed; those who bless Him are blessed, and those who curse Him are cursed.

    Will the ';rules'; change again? Yes, God tells us this in Revelations. Though sin will always produce death, God will eliminate sin and eliminate death by taking away flesh. If you read Revelation 20-21, we are given spiritual bodies not of earthly flesh so we can have eternal lives without death.

    God is a God of change - He Himself does not change because He is perfect, but He changes and brings change to His creation.

    What is the history behind those personalities who exude false confidence and uses fear to get their way?

    How did this begin?What is the history behind those personalities who exude false confidence and uses fear to get their way?
    Well, this concept sums up the feminist movement. Men are fearful of looking @ women the wrong way in the workplace, fearful of getting falsely accused of rape (a huge huge huge issues) , and fearful of marriage because courts threat them like 4th class scum.

    BTW, to answer your specific question, the Alpha male (or the feminist enemy) has been phazed out of society. Reason for you to celebrate.What is the history behind those personalities who exude false confidence and uses fear to get their way?
    The opposite of the history of people who are intimidated by others confidence and are easily frightened by them.
    It began at the beginning.......

    Will society ever rise up and give up worshiping false gods?

    Meaning all make believe external invisible entities which leave no trace but what we imagine with our animal senses. Every generation is born stupid and absorbs the myths taught to them. When will this cycle ever be broken? Instead everyone seems to argue back and forth on Yahoo Answers about it. When will people live in peace or are we just apes using tools and religion is just one, one to get ahead, to fit in and to push various fears and agendas?Will society ever rise up and give up worshiping false gods?
    because people need hope, and sometimes believing in something foolish is better than believing in nothing at allWill society ever rise up and give up worshiping false gods?
    Why do we need to give up our spiritual beliefs to live in peace with each other?

    Honestly, what we need to give up is simply the arguing over who's right and who's wrong. The answer is all of us, and none of us. We need to be more tolerant and respectful of each other despite differences, because no matter what, no two people on earth are going to be exactly the same. We need to get our noses out of the personal business of our neighbors and put our priorities in proper order.

    This includes you - your calling others stupid for having spiritual beliefs is, acting like you are superior for your lack belief in any deities, is only adding to the problem, not working toward the solution. ';We must *be* the change we wish to see in the world'; -Mahatma Gandhi

    So, if you're not going to give up your arrogance, then do you really have the right to complain about others for the same?

    I have been falsely accused of touching a woman's daughter. Can I sue her for false accusations?

    I worked at a preschool this past summer teaching kids ages 6 and under how to swim. A woman has falsely accused me of touching her daughter which is impossible because the teachers and my boss were always around watching. I really want to sue her for false accusations because she could ruin my life with these false accusations.I have been falsely accused of touching a woman's daughter. Can I sue her for false accusations?
    Of course you can sue for slanderous comments she has made. Whether you can win a lawsuit is a question best asked when you consult your attorney.

    You would NEVER sue under these circumstances without an attorney, because pro se plaintiffs so rarely win.

    Ask your attorney for advice about your options.I have been falsely accused of touching a woman's daughter. Can I sue her for false accusations?
    surely before anything happened over your job the allegation would have to be looked into first to see if there was anything in it, if so then it would come out as untrue.

    If you were indeed following regulations and there was another member of staff present (as there should have been) to back you up you have nothing to worry about.

    If you do lose your job yes you could sue, but you would have to be able to prove it was a false allegation, and consider if the money spent is actually worth what you'd get back.

    This is why you make sure you are never alone with a child - child says something, just your word against theirs, and unfortunately nearly all parents and institutions would rather be safe than sorry.
    Yes, you can sue almost anybody for almost anything.

    The questions are these... Can you afford the attorney fees? Assuming you win, can you collect anything from this person? A multi-million dollar judgment against a person living in Section 8 Housing with a minimum wage job at WalMart is worthless.



    This is America! You sue anybody for anything.


    Now, about that little, teensy-weensy matter of winning? Not so easy.


    Good Luck.

    If her accusation actually does stop you from getting a job then yeah, and if you're not InLove27 with that little girl.

    You can always judge a person's character based on how they treat animals. True or false?

    Depending on if they are kind to animals or not.You can always judge a person's character based on how they treat animals. True or false?
    False. Queen Elizabeth II is a dog-loving btch.

    (no pun intended ^^)You can always judge a person's character based on how they treat animals. True or false?
    I think true. An example is if a child/teenager is mean to animals or kills wild animals just for the heck of it, it's an early sign he will grow up to become a serial killer or soemthing along those lines. I think if you can't be kind to an animal, there has to be a lot wrong with your character.
    Well, research shows that if a child is cruel to or tortures animals he/she is in deep psyche trouble. And there are all kinds of therapeutic programs of caring for animals for deeply troubled kids. I would never trust someone who abuses animals. If they will an animal they will anyone they deem vulnerable.
    For me true. If someone is neglectful or cruel to animals it is a reflection of their character, especially their ability to show compassion. And it is a known fact that people who mistreat animals are more likely to be violent to people.
    I'm gonna say false, because while I think how someone treats animals can be a good way to judge their character, it isn't always reliable because many people are not comfertable around animals and don't know how to treat them.
    I think that it really depends on the person. I would think that usually I do not like the person and think that they tend to have a mean personality but some people can always be different
    I guess its pretty true.

    Like if you see a person feed a stray cat or pets animals nicely, they must be good hearted nice people.

    But if theyll scolding their pet or anything they seem like...grumpy or spoiled people.
    For the most part, I would agree with that statement. If people have no regard for life that's not human, then that says volumes about how they think.
    false, some people care for animals but hate people,it depends on who your judging for...(animals or people)

    because some cruel people love their pets...sometimes even more than they love people
    It depends
    i think true.

    Is it legal for news outlets to keep posting false headlines?

    For example all the headlines were that the ';BODY'; of the missing grad student from Yale was found in the lab building. I kept reading the articles wondering why they didn't describe the condition it was found in and the details. One hour later and the headlines all read Evidence Seized but Still No Sign of Missing Student with the identical articles below. Should they not be fined for false headlines?Is it legal for news outlets to keep posting false headlines?
    the news has become more of a social gathering of opinions, nothing substantial is reported - who ever has the loudest mouth or the most plastic face and breasts gets to tell the 'news'...notice how they nw report from couches set up to look like fancy living rooms!?

    geeez, people are so vain!

    can we please just get un biased information from you people with out all the drama and opinions of your ego.

    this is why you should never expect to be told the truth, they do not know how to report the truth, only their opinions, what they are told to report, nothing factual, only drama to evoke some feeling to increase ratings for their news SHOW.

    As far as newspapers are concerned, they are more reliable however accountability is not an option, so for those headlines you speak of, protection of speech favors them in this case...?Is it legal for news outlets to keep posting false headlines?
    It is not responsible, but the press rushes to get the ';news'; out first. They hope they're right. It is not illegal and there are no fines for getting it wrong. I believe the idea is the media lives on their reputation for accuracy and that will keep them from making big mistakes. But in the last decade it seems that people move on to the next story so fast that fact checking has frequently gone by the wayside .
    Maybe it should be a fine for misinformation, but the only problems with that is that the News is out to get whatever they can as fast as they can. So because they don't do their research a lot of times they get it wrong.

    Kinda like President Obama does when he is trying to shove all these programs of his through without knowing what is actually in them and how they are going to work.
    The news has been reporting all morning that a body was found on campus. Then I watched a news conference saying no body was found. The poor student's family must be frantic. No one can seem to get it straight.

    We have freedom of the press and they cannot be fined, unfortunately.
    I like Hopes answer, it is more of a social Society thing now, that they are run by Obama.
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